History of Kloxo-MR (formerly Kloxo or LxAdmin)

Kloxo-MR (formerly known as Lxadmin) isa open-source web hosting control panel. Kloxo was abandoned in 2016 due to security concerns with the underlaying code. Kloxo-MR is based closely on Kloxo (formerly known as Lxadmin ) developed by Mustafa Ramadhan. The entire system has been rewritten to be more secure and provide a better experience to end users.

Kloxo-MR allows the host administrators to run a combination of lighttpd or Apache with djbdns or BIND, and provides a graphical interface to switch between these programs without losing data. Kloxo can transparently move web/mail/dns from one server running Apache to another running lighttpd.


Kloxo-MR is designed primarily to install and work with the following software packages out of the box:

Third-party modules or Community created modules, have the ability to substitute the core packages as well as add further functionality.

Is Kloxo-MR Safe?

Yes. Kloxo-MR and Kloxo (LxAdmin) do not contain the same underlaying code. It has been completely rewritten and all security holes have been patched, allowing the system to be extremely safe.

Does it offer SSL?

Again. Yes. Kloxo-MR does have LetsEncrypt SSL installed by default. To have a certificate generated for you, simply contact the support center. There is no cost to have a certificate generated for you using LetsEncrypt.