Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All active Spark Rack customers have access to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whether it is between normal business hours or not. We answer support tickets around the clock to ensure your services are always online and we're always here for a solution to fix your problem. Our sales department is not available 24/7 however, this department does operate only during the hours listed on our contact us page.

Spark Rack does not allow customers to pay for services months or years ahead of time, however we do have a re-loadable credit based system. Think of it as a prepaid credit card. Your monthly invoices will automatically be deducted from your credit balance.

We do offer some products with a free trials. Please contact our support center for information on products and services that have free trials.

Spark Rack utilizes many ways to stay in contact with our customers including email, social media and telephone.

Automated emails are typically sent from "", unless they are being sent directly from a product or service that you utilize through our network, for example, our MyDrive service sends emails from "". Most other services will do the same.

Telephone and text message support is generally handled under our main telephone number, which is listed on our website and social media platforms. This number is (315) 754-HOST (4678). All outbound phone calls from our Customer Care Centers will have this caller ID. So it is a good idea to save this number as a contact if you are expecting to hear from us. Text messages will also be sent from this same number.

Telephone or text messages from our corporate offices will typically be seen as another number. This number is (315) 505-4696, and is only used when a corporate officer gets involved in a case, or corporate presence is needed for a larger account.

Spark Rack takes great care insuring that all network traffic is encrypted. From logins to billing statements. Our payment gateway is secured through PayPal and orders and logins are encrypted using a special algorithm we designed with security in mind. Our services and servers are extremely secure.

Open Source hosting with Spark Rack is safe. As long as a piece of open source software is secured it is safe. All of our servers are secured by several different hardware and software (virtual) firewalls, as well as anti-spam, anti-malware, and other security features.

Please refer to our blog post on this subject.

Spark Rack utilizes many different control panel solutions tailored to what our customers are looking to do. At the current moment we have Sentora, and Kloxo-MR servers online, with plans to implement more in the future. We're also looking at more panels such as Froxlor and ISPConfig 3.

If you attempted to visit your hosting provider and were redirected to Spark Rack, it's possible your web host was purchased by Spark Rack. No worries. We love to make friends. Spark Rack will honor your pricing and agreements with your previous provider.

Spark Rack is a web and service hosting provider based outside of Syracuse NY. Our focus is on the consumer ensuring that our services are easy to use and have value attached. We specialize in projects of all sizes and have extensive knowledge on digital media, graphic design, complex networking and data transmission as well as hosting, VoIP and PBX systems.

Spark Rack was launched in January of 2016 under the Spark Rack brand name and has helped business and website owners around the world get established online, all while providing excellent customer service.

Spark Rack does not, and will not ever sell, or transmit your private contact data or billing information to another provider or company. At your request, you information can be shared to companies Spark Rack partners with, or that are under the our parent company, BeyondNerd. Your information will never be shared without your knowledge or consent.