What is Triage Telephone Support?

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In March of 2018, Spark Rack Telephone Support was moved to Triage Support.

What is Triage Support?
Triage Support is a method of support used in most emergency rooms, and lots of hosting companies or other businesses are now using this method to provide support, however Spark Rack plans to only use it for Telephone Support.

When a telephone call is placed to Spark Rack by an existing Spark Rack customer, the information is gathered by the agent answering your call, and a support ticket is created. Once the ticket is created it is assigned to our Support Queue (a holding group for all support tickets). The tickets created via Telephone Request are then worked in the order of severity. This allows us to ensure lower hold times, quicker resolutions and more dedicated support to our customers.


If you require additional information about this new support method, please contact Customer Care.