A New Control Center is Coming

Well! Here were are! It’s 2018 now and it has been a long time since we’ve been in here and able to post a quick blog. On May 24th we announced on Facebook that we are working to create an all new state of the art fiber optic control center.

We’re planning on building a custom server rack for all three of our server rooms at our corporate NOC (Network Operations Center), and network control center that controls all of our server facilities. At Spark Rack we have about 9 networks that are managed internally as well as the 3 public IP address networks that we serve our customer IP addresses from. Since we’ve outgrown the small management system that we setup when the company first opened back in 2012, we’re now looking at a new control center that controls all three server facilities we have on site at our corporate NOC . This new control center will now allow 10gbps internal connection and up to 1gbps connection speed on enabled servers*. And will fully support IPv6 as a native technology.

At Spark Rack we actively work to ensure we keep our servers running with the most up to date and advanced software, and are running the most robust configurations, and you should expect no less from our new network control. Servers will be double and triple replicated to ensure maximum uptime with HAProxy configured for all shared hosting servers, ensuring your websites are always online, if not from the main server, than at least from a backup server. This new control center will also allow Spark Rack to setup additional services such as shared server Email hosting and DNS hosting, among many other service like ShoutCast and Icecast.

Over the next few months as we start to build the control center up, you may notice small outages (no more than 5 minutes or so), so that we can bring your servers online in the new environment. As always downtime is a huge deal to us. So we will try to ensure these migrations are done at non-peak hours. For more information please contact Customer Care.

We are excited for the new changes coming to Spark Rack and are always looking to plan for the future. We’re excited to also have our customers along with us! Thank you for being the best part of Spark Rack!

* contact customer care to find our what your packages maximum speed is set to.

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