A lot of good changes are coming!

It’s been an insanely busy last few months here at Spark Rack, and not just with COVID-19 making it’s way around the world. Our parent company announced internally back in March that we might be moving into a new freestanding facility.

Our new offices will feature a roughly 2,550 square foot data center floor, complete with a telecom room, shared server space, co-location and dedicated server cages, among various other improvements.

Our racks will also become completely fiber optic based, and will allow us to offer up to 10 GB/s connections to customers directly.

In our new facility, we’re also looking to lower our carbon footprint, and try to use as much renewable energy as possible to bring our customers the services they’ve come to expect from Spark Rack. Heat generated from our server rooms, will be used to heat the building so that we can ensure our heating bills stay low as well.

Security will also play a heavy role in our new data center, with updated camera systems, and new key card access controlled locks to the data center, and to equipment racks themselves. This will allow Spark Rack to ensure security of our customers equipment as well as our own equipment.

Additionally, we will most likely be investing in not just one, but two emergency generators to ensure that regardless of any issues, these systems stay online for our customers in the event of a power or service outage.

Spark Rack is partnering with Verizon to ensure that we can deliver unparalleled, and extremely stable fiber optic access to both customer owned, and leased servers, with speeds of up to 1 TB/s for qualified equipment racks.

On top of all that, we’re getting a new sister company, Ventra Networks is a local ISP that our parent company is forming, and Spark Rack will play a massive role in offering digital storage, and back-haul operations for that company.

We expect to be operating out of this new location no later than January of 2021! We’re extremely excited for this new chapter in our company, and really excited to see where this takes us, and we hope you come along with us on this new journey.

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