Hosting – What is it?

When you open a browser on your computer or your phone you go to a website and see a web page.  Regardless of whether that website is as big as Facebook or as small as your neighbor’s website they sell their famous chocolate chip cookies, they all have one single thing in common.  They are all hosted.  Each website is a set of files stored on a computer, called a web server.  You use your browser to look at those files in the form of a website or web page.  The company that makes those files available to the rest of the internet is called the host.

Are there different kinds of hosting?

At the core, no, the term host, in this case is very ambiguous.  It’s a relative term, more of a job description.  A host’s job is to keep your website visible to the internet.  Now there are different types of hosting, and those are typically referred to as packages.  Almost every host has shared hosting, meaning that more than one person shares the server.  This is almost always plenty for a starting website.

Can I host a website myself?

Yes, you can.  If you have the technological skill to setup a web server, security, protocols, domain name server pointing, and more.  Since most people don’t have that certain skill-set, they will look to a host to do all that for them.  This is where Spark Rack comes in.  We do have the skill-set to handle all the administration of setting up, running, monitoring, and keeping your website alive and intruders out.  We do this with very advanced technology and combined decades of training and experience. 

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