Domain Names – What are they and do I need one?

Every website has a specific address, known as an IP (Internet Protocol) Address which typically looks like this, 4 sets of numbers which tells your browser where to go (IPv6 is the newest standard although not widely used at the time of this writing, for more information check out our post on IPv6).  This […]

Hosting – What is it?

When you open a browser on your computer or your phone you go to a website and see a web page.  Regardless of whether that website is as big as Facebook or as small as your neighbor’s website they sell their famous chocolate chip cookies, they all have one single thing in common.  They are […]

A few upgrades are coming!

It should come to no surprise that we at Spark Rack thrive on innovation. Currently our website uses a heavily modified and customized version of WordPress that allows us to quickly and easily get content out to the masses. Over the last 2 years however, we’ve seemingly outgrown what the core WordPress platform can do […]

New Branding coming in 2020!

At Spark Rack, we pride ourselves on our public image. We go above and beyond for every single customer. In 2014, we commissioned our corporate design team to create a logo for our company, as we were set to take over hosting and design operations from our parent organization Punk Media (now BeyondNerd). Over the […]

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