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Please do not solict us

While we understand that your product or service may be extremely important to you, solicitation takes time away from our customers. If you feel our company can benefit from your product or service, please submit it to us via US Mail. We will not consider other solications, and will block all future communications from the offending email domain from communicating with both our our servers and our customer facing servers.

We Love Our Customers

We are a family company. And customers are an extension of that. If you have an issue, please do not hesistate to reach out to us.

Are you looking to report an illegal activity?

To report illegal activity, eg. illicit pictures, malware, torrent sites, etc. Please do not use this form. Instead report abuse to our abuse center. Your request will be streamlined through our legal department. Requests here could result in a delay in a response.

World Headquarters

  • Address: 6328 Hardwood Lane, Ste L1, Cicero, NY 13039
  • Phone:+1 (315) 754-HOST
  • Fax:+1 (315) 752-5187
  • General Support:

North American Headquarters

  • Address: 6328 Hardwood Lane, Ste L2, Cicero, NY 13039
  • Phone:+1 (315) 754-HOST
  • General Support:

Customer Service Hours

  • Monday - Friday - 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday - 11am to 7pm
  • Sunday - Closed